Below Is A List Of Frequently Asked Questions:



Q:Is WordTraverse supported in Windows 8

A: We are no longer supporting WordTraverse for Windows 8 and beyond, until our next release. There is no information available regarding a new release so it is recommended to keep Windows 7 and previous operating systems if you wish to continue using WordTraverse with support.

Q: When trying to update WordTraverse, , I keep getting a message that says that WordTraverse is not installed on my computer.
A:You have Windows 7 or higher. We've prepared this short video to illustrate the update process for these operating systems:


Q: I get a message saying:
"An error has occurred. If this error keeps occurring please contact Convergexe. Error Message <<Class Does Not Support Automation Or Does Not Support Expected Interface>> - Count Caps chr-"
A: You are using Microsoft® Word 2000 or Office 2000. There is an error in a Microsoft® issued patch for Word 2000 which causes applications such as WordTraverse to not be able to function with Word 2000.  To solve this issue you must uninstall Word 2000 or Office 2000 and then reinstall it.  When upgrading to the latest service pack ONLY install service packs Sr-1a, Sp2, Sp3; all other updates should NOT be installed.

Q: How do I refresh the file explorer list?
A: Press F5 while in focus of the list.

Q: Adding files from subfolders seems slow?
A: Deselect “Do not add duplicate files to the traverse list.”

Q: The final calculations do not match up with say a Microsoft® Word calculation?
A: The advanced options that you have selected in WordTraverse are more accurate then in Microsoft® Word which does not take into account the many text formatting options.

Q: WordTraverse pops up a dialog saying: “You are running Microsoft® Word 97.  It is recommended that you upgrade to service pack 2B?”
A: You have Microsoft® Word 97 installed without the latest service packs.  Please insert the WordTraverse CD, go to your Start menu, and click Run and type: “d:\updates\sr2bof97.exe” (D being the drive letter of the CD / DVD drive in which the CD is inserted) and follow the installation instructions.

Q: Why do I get a “Run-time error '429': ActiveX component can't create object", upon loading?
A: You have an incompatible version of Microsoft® Word running. It needs to be Microsoft® Word 97 or above.  If you feel that you have one of these versions, please restart your system and run the application again.

Q: I get a “WordTraverse is already running” message?
A: You have an already launched occurrence of WordTraverse.  If you cannot seem to find it for any reason, press “ctrl + alt + delete” and end the task named WordTraverse.exe

Q: I get an error message when printing multiple documents?
A: Either your printer or your computer cannot handle the speed of the spooling documents.  Try selecting tab 3. “Company Info / Options”. Under “Program Options” heighten the value of the “Number of Seconds to Wait Before Starting Next Print Job” to at least 10 seconds, raising it more if warranted.

Q: F1 won’t display help properly?
A: You are running Windows 98 and you must select Start->Program Files->Convergexe WordTraverse v1.0->Help

If you have any other questions, please email us at support@convergexe.com or click on the “Support" link at the top right of the page.